Video Recording

Making a Video

You will find all the tools you will need for creating a video below. For example you could use iPhone and iMovie to create a video. A Video using your iPhone, ScreenCastify, and iMovie could be very professional looking. Check out the tools to see which will help you make your video.

Video Recording

Video recording is the process of capturing video using some sort of device. Previously you would have used a video camera to do this, but with today’s technology, we will be using the tools that we all have at our fingertips to create video. These tools do some different things, so before diving in, here’s a little bit about each. Click the logo to learn more.

ScreenCastify: Record your computer’s screen. #beginner
iPhone: Use your iPhone to record video. #beginner
Nexus: Use your Nexus or Droid to record video. #beginner
Quicktime: Basic video and screen recording #intermediate 



Video Editing

Video editing is the process of taking many video clips and combining them together along with titles, transitions, and sound, to create a completed movie/video. There are also many ways to edit video, but we will go over the ones that you and your students have readily available to you. It will also depend on which type of device you have that determines what software you will use to edit.

YouTube: #intermediate
iMovie: Mac software that makes even complex video editing easy. #advanced



There are many different ways to share your video, once you are done with it.
Two goals of sharing:
#1 – Embed the video.
#2 – Others can access.

ScreenCastify: Share a Video on ScreenCastify #beginner
iPhone: Locate your video on Iphone. Find the share icon share iphone Click on share icon. iphone
(Most teachers are uploading to YouTube.)

Share to a Google Site: Share from your Google Drive to your Google Site. (Then you can share that URL/Weblink)

Vimeo:  Uploading Videos to Vimeo Necessary to create a Vimeo account. #beginner
Nexus:  Share from your Google Drive then upload to YouTube.  #beginner
Quicktime: Export and share a recording in Apple Mac Quicktime #intermediate 

More information on sharing can be found under FAQs. It will be your choice to share with just educators at your school or educators everywhere.