Using Screencastify


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What is ScreenCastify?

Screencastify is a screencasting extension for Google Chrome.
Access at the Chrome Web Store follow directions for adding this extension.
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ScreenCastify allows you to record your screen activity for creating tutorials, etc, and runs entirely in Chrome.

Ways to ScreenCastify in Teaching and Learning

Book Trailers

A book trailer essentially is the same idea as a movie trailer – it provides a dynamic way to introduce the plot, characters, setting, and conflict to entice a viewer or reader to seek out the full version. Students could use this concept to demonstrate their knowledge of a historical event, document, or person from their story.

Scene Reenactments

Students can use video to re-create their interpretation of significant scenes in their stories. By using video, rather than just performing a skit, students can also integrate music, images, and even other video clips.

Public Service Announcements and Advertisements

Students can use the format of a public service announcement or advertisement to teach a concept, explain a theme, or promote an author. These formats can be applied to practically any topic.

Steps of the Writing Process
Students can design a screencast that follows the Stages of their Writing Process.

Common Core Integration

Use technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others.

iPhone Video | Nexus | WeVideo | Screencastify | Movenote | iMovie