Step 2: 2.0 EDpuzzle: Create Interactive Video Using EDpuzzle.

In this step, you will be creating your own EDpuzzle to share with your students to highlight presentation skills. First, visit and sign up for an EDpuzzle account. EDpuzzle has a great tutorial that you will go through when you first sign up, so follow along.

If you need more tutorials on how to use EDpuzzle click here.

Watch the short intro video below from EDpuzzle to get a quick glimpse into EDpuzzle:

Complete Step 2

  • You will Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 3.31.47 PM  of a TED-Ed presentation directly into the search box within EDpuzzle. (This is the video you chose in Step 1.)
  • Then create your own EDpuzzle Interactive Video to analyze, question, and discuss with your students how to present the TED-Ed way.
  • USE your planning template for ideas.
    Sample EDpuzzle

Make sure you choose “Share with anyone” and not “Assign to a class” for this badge.

How can I find the URL within EDpuzzle so I can Share with Anyone?

Earn Your Badge

Copy the share URL from your EDpuzzle and paste it in the submission box below. Click submit, and you’re done!

You did it!! Now you can think of lots of ways to use EDpuzzle in your classroom.