Step 1: 2.0 Prepare to Analyze Presentations Using EdPuzzle.


In these steps, you will be using a website called EDpuzzle. EDpuzzle is a tool that allows you to take an online video, like a YouTube video, crop the video, add audio and text notes, and ask questions throughout the video. It is a helpful tool for having your students analyze a video and verify their understanding along the way through questioning.

Choose A Video

Choose ONE of the videos below OR search for any TED-Ed or TEDxKids@ElCajon video that you will analyze with your students. This will be the video that you insert into the EDpuzzle digital tool.


Watch a few sample EDpuzzles

Now that you have chosen your video to analyze, watch this already completed EDpuzzle video to see what the tool is capable of and get some ideas for your own EDpuzzle. Take note of the audio note and/or the quiz questions as they happen.

Think Aloud
I used the TED-Ed presentation, Freedom of speech | Cinta Gomis | Virolai School to share with my class. I cropped about a minute off the end because it was too long. I added 5 questions, some I took directly from the TED-Ed Guide Book. I didn’t use audio notes or audio track this time. I can also share directly into my Google Classroom.
To interact with this video you will have to submit answers as a guest. WOW! 

Complete Step 1

Click here to get the EDpuzzle planning template.

  • Click “Make A Copy” when prompted
  • Complete the EDpuzzle planning template  Example of a completed planning template
  • Copy the Share URL for your EDpuzzle planning template and paste it into the submission box below, click submit and you’re done!

Don’t forget to change sharing permissions on your Google doc.
For more information about changing sharing permissions:

Then move forward to Step 2 to complete this mini-badge.