Step 2: 1.0 Explore the TED-Ed Guidebook & Plan.


For much of this badge, you will be referencing the TED-Ed Guidebook

For this Step:

  1. Review the first five explorations.
  2. Watch some videos for each exploration to better understand the ideas.
  3. Complete a planning template.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 10.56.31 AMEXPLORATION #1 Introduction Week: What’s Your Passion? Get excited about TED-Ed!
Click here to see Exploration 1 (pp. 13 & 14)


Video(s) to Watch: Tae-Ho Ahn – Lessons from Master Chef Jr.  |  Maya Juwaideh – Helping Others with a Book Drive  |  Ted Exploration 1

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.28.29 AMEXPLORATION #2 What Makes a Great Idea…Great? What makes a great idea? What about a great TED Talk?
Click here to see Exploration 2 (pp. 15 & 16)

Video(s) to Watch:
Ella Humphrey – Make connections between your life and idea worth sharing
 |  Mudasir Fnu – Share your experience
Jason Kyte – Be an inventor   Mouj Basim – Take a stance on an issue

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.28.33 AMEXPLORATION #3 Brainstorm and Choose Your Idea!
Creatively list 5 ideas and discuss your top 3.
Click here to see Exploration 3 (pp. 17 & 18)

Video(s) to Watch: Jamelene and Morgan – Be creative with your talk  |  Haley Roa – Choose an idea to help your community

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.28.39 AMEXPLORATION #4 How to Present I: Master the Concept of Beginning, Middle and End.
Understand the basic storytelling arc.
Click here to see Exploration 4 (pp. 19 & 20)

Video(s) to Watch:
Ireland Carter – Strong Beginning  
|  Fadi Jabraeel – Hook your audience  |  Kara Knight – Strong throughline

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.28.45 AMEXPLORATION #5 How to Present II: Identify, Frame and Outline Your Idea. Identify and frame the story arc of each member’s idea.
Click here to see Exploration 5 (pp. 21 & 22)

Video(s) to Watch:
Adilynn Wood – Strong Story Arc  
|  Nara Duffie – Connect your message through a story

Complete Step 2

After you have watched a few (or several) videos,  you are ready to start planning for when you would share these explorations with your students.

Click here to access the Presentation Literacy Planning Template

  • Click the “Make A Copy” button when it comes up.
  • Complete the Presentation Literacy Planning Template with your own dates and times.

(Don’t forget to change sharing permissions on your Google doc.)
For more information about changing sharing permissions: (

Earn Your Badge

Copy the Share URL for your Presentation Literacy Planning Template and paste it into the submission box below, click submit and you’re done! (Of course, your tentative dates are subject to change.)