Step 1: 3.0 Prepare For The Event.

What is an Authentic Audience?

“An authentic audience is an audience beyond the teacher, class or even the school. It is a heterogeneous audience as one would write for if one wrote in a newspaper or magazine article. It is an audience that chooses to read what is being written instead of a group that is chosen by the writer or a teacher.” – Rob Wall

For our purposes, the authentic audience is any audience outside of the students’ classroom.

Authentic Audiences include:

  • Other classrooms in the school.
  • School assembly
  • Parent night
  • Gathering with other schools that have TED-Ed clubs
  • Internet
  • School news
  • And More

Who will be the authentic audience for your students?

Think about how you want your students to give their presentations. Remember you can include multiple audiences, so a presentation might be a school assembly that is recorded and uploaded to the internet, which is two separate audiences.
This Ed Talk presentation by Catlin Tucker was part of the 2015 Better Together: CA Teachers Summit, a statewide event for teachers.

Invite Your Audience

Invite an audience to the event. With the chosen date and time for the presentations, and everything in order for recording, now it’s time to make sure the authentic audience shows up! Use e-mail, event websites, fliers, and/or word of mouth to make sure the seats are filled. No one wants to present their hard work to an empty room!

Complete Step 1

Your Choice: Use Google Docs or something similar to upload an artifact you used to invite your authentic audience to the event. This could be an e-mail (need to take a screen shot then insert into a Google Doc), a URL for an online event invitation, or a picture of a flier created in Google Draw.
Copy the share URL and paste it in the submission box below. Hit Submit.

Sample Artifact

Don’t forget to change sharing permissions if you use a Google doc.
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