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What is MoveNote?

MoveNote is one of the Google Apps that allows you to create slideshows like Powerpoint, but also adds the feature of a video presenter. These presentations can be easily shared with Google Drive, Gmail, and links.

***Note: While talking to the camera YOU have to change the slides. The timing of the slides is under your control. When you want to change a slide, press right arrow key on your keyboard or arrow button from your screen. If you do not move the slides forward during the creating phase, the slides will not move forward during the presentation phase.

Ways to Use MoveNote in Teaching and Learning

You can record yourself giving a presentation or lecture along with the slideshow, so that after watching in class, your students can go home and re-watch your slideshow presentation. Instead of just staring at the slides and not remembering the importance of the information, your students will be able to take home a video recording of you explaining the slideshow along with it, making it more exciting and memorable.

You can also have your students create slideshows and record themselves presenting the slideshow along with it. You could show all these slideshows in front of the classroom and each student would be presenting, but will have been able to practice and perfect the presentation, instead of giving it live. MoveNote can make it more exciting and memorable to do book reports, research assignments, and much more. Encourage your students to have fun with it too, as a simple slideshow might not capture the classroom’s attention, but each student having fun on video along with it will make the whole experience more effective.

iPhone Video | Nexus | Screencastify | Movenote | iMovie