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How To Use iMovie

iMovie is a Video Editing software that comes on Mac devices. It is one of the easiest ways to edit video, especially since there are so many resources online to help you when you get stuck. The process of video editing includes: cutting out mistakes, adding images over the sound, combining clips, adding effects, adding transitions, adding titles and text, and most importantly exporting the video into a format that you can use for your purposes, such as uploading to YouTube. The best way to learn iMovie is visually, so open iMovie and follow along with the tutorial of your choice. If these aren’t detailed enough, search Youtube for “iMovie tutorial” and watch one of the longer videos that go into tons of detail.

Short Tutorial

Longer Tutorial


Ideas for Using iMovie

Here’s an example of a series you could create using iMovie:

  • Title, the name of the lesson and your name
  • Fade to clip of your face talking about the lesson
  • As you are talking, keep the sound of your voice and cut to a Screencastify of you showing something on a computer
  • Continue cutting back and forth between your face, screencasts, and images that relate to your lesson
  • Cut to a video of another teacher or documentary explaining your lesson another way or a relevant entertaining clip
  • End your video with some music playing and images of completed projects or something fun.

Now this is much more in-depth than you need to be for this badge, but it just goes to show that with some imagination, you can really do anything with iMovie. Just a video of you talking is all you really need, but the more you get into editing, the more entertaining the final product will be, and thus the more memorable and valuable it will be for students and fellow teachers.

iMovie App for iPhone or iPad

You can also edit video directly on your iPhone or iPad. This can be very useful, as you can use the device to record the video and then send it straight to iMovie and begin editing immediately. The app can not do as much as the computer software, but it can do all that you will need for these purposes.

iPhone Video | Nexus | WeVideo | Screencastify | Movenote | iMovie