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How will I use Google Templates in Stage 2 of the Writing Process for Drafting, Designing, Evaluating and/or Researching?

What is a Google Template? A Google template is any graphic organizer or document created and uploaded to the template gallery.

Your template can be teacher or student created. Upload your template to the template gallery, or select one already created.

How do you access Google Templates?



Ways to Use Google Templates for Teaching and Learning

10 Excellent Google Drive Templates for Teachers

Submitting a Template

Google Drive you are not able to add a document directly to the template gallery. By going directly to the template gallery at you are able to add your templates there. You can submit a teacher or student created template.

On the right hand side of the template gallery is a link to “Submit a template.” Click on this to add your Google Docs to the gallery.


Template Gallery

The document does not appear in the template gallery right away. Once the document is added to the gallery you can find it at under “My Templates.” Again clicking on “Preview” of the template and copying the URL from preview mode will allow you to share the template with your students.

One way to find templates in the New Version of Drive.

Here’s how you can find a template:

  1. From within Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms, click the File menu, then New, and then select From template….
  2. From the templates gallery site, you can browse templates by category. You can sort templates by popularity or rating, and by category or type of document. If you’d like to return to an unfiltered view of the gallery after sorting templates, simply click All templates or All categories.

Common Core Integration

Develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach.

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