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How will I use Google Draw in Stage 1 of the Writing Process for Prewriting, Planning and/or Brainstorming?

What is Google Draw?
A productivity and creativity tool within Google Apps for Education.

Ways to Use Google Draw in Teaching and Learning

Integrate Google Drawing into Writing by  •  •

 Google draw can be used to gather class feedback, brainstorm ideas, or create images to inspire writing.

Teacher Template


More Ideas



Below, students created these cirlce maps and are using the maps during the prewriting stage.

Circle Map



A Google Drawing can also be inserted seamlessly into a Google Doc. Simply going to “Insert” in the tools bar and then selecting Drawing. You can then create or import the drawing into the document.


Common Core Integration

Prewriting skills, nonlinguistic representations that include objects, pictures, pictographs, diagrams, physical models etc.


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