Step 1: Use DefinedSTEM to Modify a Performance Task

Badge icon "Handshake (904)" provided by Andrew Neher, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)
To complete this step, you will need to grasp the following


1: More information about the website. Link directly to website
2: Login using your google login
3: Select an existing Performance Task
4: Make a copy of the Performance Task so you can customize
5: Customize/Modify for your students by adding, deleting or modifying sections of the task
6: Share with your students
7: Prepare for submission (Sharing with Colleagues)

Helpful Hints from the Field:

Using Tabs

Have this tab open and the DefinedSTEM tab open as complete this badge.

Picking a Task

Pick a Performance Task that is appropriate to the grade level you teach (the Defined Stem tasks all give an estimated grade level)

Magnolia Teacher Suggestion

Strongly encourage teachers to log in and explore the Defined STEM website prior to working on the badge.

Chase Teacher Suggestion

If teachers know what they will be doing before-hand, they can make better use of their time in a work session. For example, knowing a subject or having browsed the Tasks beforehand, teachers will be better able to plan their own.
Step by Step to help you access the DefinedSTEM website and create the URL you need to complete this badge.

1: Locate the website.

What is DefinedSTEM?

DefinedSTEM is a digital resource that provides authentic performance tasks and non-fiction literacy tasks for Grades K-12 in math, science, ELA and social studies that follow the G.R.A.S.P model.

Intro/Overview of DefinedSTEM – will link to a Google Slides Presentation 

Video overview of key components of the DefinedSTEM Website including Performance Tasks, Literacy Tasks and Standards. (9.19 minutes)

Now that you have a basic understand, let’s go more in-depth with all the tools and features of DefinedSTEM.
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2: Login using your google login


Before you can start using the tools, you have to log-in to the DefinedSTEM site. Go to At the top left, you should see Teacher Login (this tab should be automatically selected). You will be clicking the “Login with Google” link. After you click “Login with Google” you will be taken to a new page. Click the Sign In button with the Google Logo on this new page. A pop-up will come up prompting you to login. Use your Cajon Valley e-mail credentials. You should then be redirected to your Home Page. Every time you need to login, you have to click the Login with Google link.

Screenshot - 3_4_2016 , 2_25_01 PM
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3: Select an existing Performance Task

Finding a Performance Task on the DefinedSTEM website

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4: Make a copy of the Performance Task so you can customize.

Copying a Performance Task

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5: Customize/Modifying for your students by adding, deleting or modifying the task.

Customizing/Modifying a Performance Task

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6: Share with your students.

Sharing with Students from Task Center

Note: In Google Classroom you can share as an announcement or assignment that is up to you.
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7: Prepare for submission (Sharing with Colleagues)

Preparing for Submission

(This is the URL you will use in the submission box below and the URL you will use when you submit for stipend.)
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Where is the URL of my customized unit/modified performance task?

After you have finished modifying a Defined STEM performance task, in order to complete this step, you must share what you’ve created. On the DefinedSTEM website, click the “Share With Colleagues” button on your Performance Task.

share with coll circle

Copy the URL

share circle

Then paste the URL of your customized unit in the “Create New Submission” box below and hit submit.

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