How do I receive my stipend?

Complete the Google Form below when you see You have earned this achievement! message for each badge.  This form can only be viewed when you are signed into your @cajonvalley.net email account. Please read directions carefully.

(The message will display once you have completed all of the steps of a badge.)

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Google form – Writing in the Digital Age

What if I submit an artifact that I wish I hadn’t?

Please only submit artifacts once you’ve learned the tool, shared learning with your students in class and have the URL of the digital student work to publicly share.

If you submit and wish you hadn’t, email loethere@cajonvalley.net or amymccammon@educators.coop with the following information:

Your Name and School Location
Please revoke the following Step and Stage
(you will know you submitted because you will see a line through the step)Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 10.07.34 AM


The reward will then be revoked. Once the reward is revoked this is irreversible.

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 How do I navigate this website?

How do I navigate through the Communicating about the Common Core in the Digital Age Badge?

How can I share my badge(s) on Twitter?


What are some Twitter Names or Hashtags I can use?

@ symbol indicates a Twitter member’s or organization’s name
# is a hashtag. It’s a label for your tweet. Other people can search for these hashtags — or click them — to see more tweets on the same subject.  Use the following names if you tweet @CajonValleyUSD or @CVdigitalbadges

What if I want to earn more badges outside of the Cajon Valley Digital Academy? 

There are many badging sites but Worlds of Learning @New Milford High School is a great site to learn about more digital tools. You will need to login using Credly.com if you choose to acquire more badges. (There is not a stipend associated with these badges.)
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