CVTV – Compendium of Videos

Count to tell the number of objects. Alissa Thomas – Magnolia ES- Kinder @TeacherAlissa Created in ScreenCastify

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Lesson 3 1-3 Bethany Schwappach – Ed Tech

Extended version for Flipped Classroom access on EdCanon

Argumentative Essay – Loretta Vars – Los Coches Creek – 7/8 – Created in Screencastify

How setting shapes the characters or plot. – Trevor Blankenship – Los Coches Creek – 7/8 – Created in Screencastify

Opinion Writing – Melissa Valentine – Naranca Elementary – 4th- Created in Screencastify


Character, Settings, and Events Think Aloud – Kendra Daniels – Magnolia ES – Created with Phone and uploaded to YouTube

Go Math Kindergarten Lesson – Lacey Rana – Crest ES – Created using iMovie and Screencastify