Common Core

Common Core | Video Capture

What is Common Core?

Watch a short video explaining the development of the Common Core State Standards and the promise they hold for college and career ready students:

Common Core State Standards: A New Foundation for Student Success

Ways to Think about Common Core in Teaching and Learning

Quick Explanation of the Shifts by Kate Gerson from EngageNY

This video of a presentation by Kate Gerson, a Senior Regents Research Fellow for Common Core with the Regents Research Fund, gives a quick explanation of the Common Core Shifts.

Teaching is the Core: Successful Common Core Implementation from EngageNY

This video highlights the work of district administrators, site principals, and teachers to implement Common Core standards and instruction into their classrooms and schools.

The Common Core Shifts at a Glance is a summary document from Achieve the Core that explains the biggest changes in mathematics and ELA/Literacy instruction.

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