cajonvalleyWhat is Cajon Valley Digital Academy?

Cajon Valley’s Digital Academy is an online space for you to access resources to support your professional growth. It provides you with the opportunity to participate in online professional development. You will earn badges once you submit artifact(s). Please only submit artifact(s) once you’ve learned the tool, shared learning with your students and have the URL of the modified or created student work to publicly share.

Message from Kari Hull, Cajon Valley Union School District, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

How does it work?

wirelessnetworkCajon Valley Digital Academy provides a framework which allows teachers to learn about and apply digital tools in their instructional practice. To get started, all a teacher needs is a computing device, an Internet connection, time, and an adventurous spirit! As teachers learn new skills, gain knowledge and build expertise integrating technology into the teaching and learning process, their accomplishments will be acknowledged with digital badges. Digital badges are tokens that appear as icons or logos signifying accomplishments or mastery of skills.

Why are we doing this?

world_education2(2)To build our teacher’s confidence as they ignite sparks for learning in their students and prepare them for the world in which they live. As technology integration continues to increase in our everyday lives, teachers will benefit from possessing the skills and behaviors of digital age professionals and better serve our students in a increasingly connected global and digital society.

What are the implications for teaching and learning?

When used effectively, technology is a powerful tool to engage students interest and prepare them for success in school and beyond. As teachers increase their digital literacy by gaining badges, they will achieve the Common Core Standards objective of seamless technology integration. And the more digital badges a teacher earns, the greater their potential to deeply impact student learning.

This platform has been designed so educators have all the resources needed to master the digital-age skills embodied in the ISTE NETs Standards for Teachers.

To find out more about digital badging, go to http://openbadges.org/about/constellation-150x150

http://digitalacademy.cajonvalley.net/ was created through a collaborative project between CVUSD Educators and Educators Cooperative. Also the generous contribution of Worlds of Learning @ NMHS

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